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Ivan Batinic, Welder

"For me, there is something soothing about welding. It's a very focused job and spurs me on every time to work as precisely and neatly as possible."

Not a single water control gate produced by Sistag gets past Ivan. As a plant and apparatus engineer, he supports his team as a welder since 2017. Some orders are more challenging than others. “Last year, we manufactured a water control gate with a height of more than 5 m,“ Ivan recalls. "With such massive parts, you sometimes have to weld multiple layers. Also, every step had to be planned precisely because the heavy individual parts could not be moved easily."

In recent years, a lot has been done to make the construction of water control gates easier and more efficient. "We design special tools or fixtures for machines together with our colleagues in the drawing office and manufacture them in our own production exactly the way we need them."

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