New at Sistag

AFT Visit 2023

AFT Sp. Z o.o. as a guest at Sistag

We stand 100% behind what we do and we like to share that with others. For example, yesterday with our Polish sales partner AFT Sp. Z o.o. and some mutual customers. For one day, our could guests get to know our production plant and our team. For AFT it was not the first visit. The connection between our Polish partner and Sistag already exists for 26 years.

AUMA training Techfina

AUMA training

Congratulations to the new AUMA experts from Techfina SA. The entire project management team has successfully completed a training course for AUMA actuators with us.

Pumps & Valves Zurich 2023

Pumps & Valves Zurich 2023

We are present at Pumps & Valves Zurich, the trade fair for industrial pumps, valves and processes. Get your free ticket now.

50th anniversary of service

50th anniversary of service

Our employee Franz has been part of the Sistag team for an incredible 50 years. As the longest serving team member in Sistag history, he was duly celebrated last Friday. We are proud and happy that Franz has remained loyal to us for so long and look forward to further adventures together.

New apprenticeship Commercial Employee

Prove your organizational skills

Starting in 2024, you can do an apprenticeship as a cCommercial Employee VET with us. Come by for a trial taster session and get to know us. You can find more information under "Career".


We are incredibly proud of our 3 final year apprentices who have successfully completed their apprenticeship. From now on Laurin, Ruben and Yannick support our team as mechanical technician, design engineer and mechanical engineer.

New apprenticeship logistics

Take command of our warehouse

From 2024 you can do an apprenticeship with us as a logistician with specialization warehouse (VET). Come by for a trial taster and get to know us. You can find more information under "Career".

And Action!

We are shooting new job videos. Check out our existing videos of Lea, Manuel and Yannick under "Working for Sistag". And be excited for new stories from Alen, Beat and Gianluca.

Photo shoot

Photo shoot

For a glance behind the scenes, our team recently stood in front of the camera again. With the photos, we will advertise our job vacancies in the future - including two new ones that have never existed at Sistag before...

Sistag Barbecue

Sistag Barbecue

Did we pick the only rainy day in weeks for our Sistag barbecue? – unfortunately yes! Did we let that stop us? - Definitely not!

First Aid Training DRK Rastatt

How to react in an emergency?

Although only mandatory for one person, we trained our entire team in Muggensturm, Germany to become company first aiders. A big thank you to the Deutsche Rote Kreuz Rastatt and our dedicated trainer for the excellent training.

Quarterly meeting Weimar

Quarterly meeting in Weimar

Our outside sales team of Sistag GmbH usually works across the country to serve our customers on site in every corner of Germany. At regular intervals, the team gets together - as recently in Weimar - to discuss new developments and challenges, sales strategies and solutions between bike tours and city walks. Or was it the other way around?

Pumps & Valves Bilbao 2023

Pumps & Valves Bilbao

The Pumps & Valves Bilbao takes place until this Thursday. Among the exhibitors is our partner Indutec Soluciones Técnicas S.L.U.

Sistag goes Singapore

We proudly announce our new subsidiary, Sistag PTE LTD. Located in the heart of Singapore, we will be able to better support our customers in Asia Pacific from our new sales location.

New sales partner Sycomore

New sales partner in France

We are happy to welcome our newest Wey sales partner Sycomore on board. As an expert in biogas applications, Sycomore already knows Wey valves inside out and will be our official representative in France.

Career Day 2023

Career Day

As part of the career week at Eschenbach school, we were able to show eleven students what we do every day. From drawing our products on the computer to programming the automated production machines to assembling our valves.

Customer Survey 2023

Sistag customer survey

More than 500 customers around the world took part in our survey and gave us feedback on our service and products. In addition to top marks for the competence and friendliness of our team, we also received useful suggestions on how we can improve further. Many thanks to all participants for their valuable feedback!

Samaritans First Aid Exercise

Practicing for an emergency

The Inwil Samaritan Association recently conducted an exercise in our production facility. From cerebral stroke to arterial hemorrhage to blood poisoning, numerous scenarios were practiced that can occur at work in the factory. Our employees were allowed to demonstrate their acting skills as injured persons. Let's hope we never have to use what we have learned.

Dresden Wastewater Conference 2023

Dresden Wastewater Conference

Full house at yesterday's Dresden Wastewater Conference. Among the almost 800 experts from the water and wastewater industry, we were also able to exhibit our solutions for water treatment.

SBV training 2023

10 days all about drinking water

In the past two weeks, water supply professionals from all over Switzerland attended training courses at Campus Sursee.

Lehrstellenbörse Zentralschweiz 2023

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Get to know us at the Lehrstellenbörse Zentralschweiz in an online meeting and learn more about career starts at Sistag.

Luzerner Zeitung: Interview apprenticeships

Open apprenticeships: How companies must compete for apprentices

Every year, more than 10,000 apprenticeship positions remain unfilled throughout Switzerland. In a project, young people evaluated numerous apprenticeship advertisements from various companies - including ours.

Material testing glider system

R&D Experiments

Our engineers are constantly working on improving our knife gate valve design and finding solutions for every possible application. Currently, the team is experimenting with different glider systems that are FDA approved and at the same time function perfectly in high-temperature areas of up to 250°C. Six different materials are being tested over a period of 20,000 strokes.

IDA Article Plasma Cutting System

Our plasma cutting system MasterCut Compact

...or "Little Marie" as we fondly call her. Portrayed in an article by Industriearmaturen & Dichtungstechnik.

Indutec Product Day 2023

Indutec Product Day

Hands on with our sales partner Indutec Soluciones Técnicas S.L.U. We were recently invited to our partner’s product day in Montmeló, Spain. So much to learn from each other while attending product trainings, assembling valves or cooking fancy dishes together.

Skiing weekend 2023

Greetings from our skiing weekend!

Every year at wintertime, part of the Sistag team gets together to spend a weekend on the slopes. This year we went to Grüsch Danusa.

Automated turning center

Just in time for the new year, our new turning center is ready for use. The newly installed Halter loader automatically loads the CNC machine so that spindles, columns and pneumatic cylinders can be machined unmanned.

Winter break 2022

Winter break 2022

At the end of this year, we look back on many exciting projects and look forward to working on ambitious projects again in 2023. We would like to thank you for the valuable cooperation and the trust you have placed in us. Happy Holidays and a successful New Year. Our team is now going into well-deserved vacation and will be back for you at January 3rd, 2023.

Donation Brändi Foundation

Time to give something back

This year is a special year. And this time a special time. A time that has presented some of us with special challenges. That's why we're getting involved and supporting the Brändi Foundation this year. A foundation that provides work, training and living places for people with disabilities in the Lucerne area.

Christmas Party 2022

Christmas Party

Had a great time at the Sistag Christmas party last week, celebrating our team, our achievements of this year and the new projects and challenges that are yet to come.

Cleaning of machinery

Ready for the winter break

At the end of the year, we always do our big Christmas cleaning. Every single machine is disassembled into its individual parts, cleaned and reassembled. This allows us to manufacture our products more precisely and to use our machines longer. A huge effort that pays off: some of our machines have been in service for over 60 years thanks to our good care. That’s our definition of sustainability.

We present: Team Sistag

It's finally here - our new image film. Take a look at who we are, what drives us and what makes us the unbeatable family we are. You can find the film and more videos on our website under "Career".

Valve World Expo 2022

Three exciting days at the trade fair with great conversations, numerous reunions and new acquaintances are behind us. A big thank you to everyone who visited us at our booth!

Valve World 2022

Day 1 at Valve World 2022

Promising start on the first day of Valve World Expo in Düsseldorf, Germany. Looking forward to the next two days here.

Lippuner symposium 2022

Lippuner symposium

Last week we were present as exhibitors and participants at the Lippuner Symposium in Baden. Once again an exciting day full of interesting technical presentations and great conversations.

Future Day 2022

Future Day

For this year’s national Future Day we got support from seven pupils. For a whole day, they are allowed to watch their parents at work and produce their own knife gate valve model.

Employee's portrait: Kevin Purtschert

Working at Sistag: Kevin Purtschert

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Kevin Purtschert to you, who is part of our work preparation team. Here‘s his story.

Announcement Valve World 2022

Valve World Expo 2022

Another annual highlight is coming up. Meet us at this year's Valve World Expo - the no. 1 trade fair for industrial valves in Düsseldorf, Germany.


And Action!

For once, our team was not standing at the machine or behind the desk, but in front of the camera. We are already looking forward to share the results with you.

Sponsoring FC Eschenbach

Sponsoring of FC Eschenbach

We are proud to support FC Eschenbach as a sponsor this season and hope for a successful season with many victories together.

Employee's portrait: Beat Roelli

Working at Sistag: Beat Rölli

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Beat Rölli to you – our trainer for the apprenticeships polymechanic and production mechanic. Here‘s his story.

Apprentice trip 2022

Apprentice trip

On our annual apprentice day, our apprentices and their trainers visited Shiptec in Lucerne and had an ambitious paintball battle in the afternoon.

Completition apprenticeship 2022


Congratulations to our three apprentices on successfully completing their apprenticeships as polymechanic EFZ and mechanic EBA! We are proud of your achievement and very happy to count you to our team in the future.

Digitization FMS

Digitized manufacturing

Production progress, schedule, utilization, malfunctions - everything at one glance. With the latest revision of our flexible manufacturing system, we installed a screenon each of our CNC machines that displays all this information in real time. The machines run 24h a day - during the night hours completely unmanned.

Employee's portrait: Matthias Zeder

Working at Sistag: Matthias Zeder

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Matthias Zeder to you – our head of sluice gate production. Here‘s his story.

Swiss Export Jubiläum

45 years membership at swiss export

We are very pleased to have been a member of swiss export since 1977 - making us the longest-standing association member ever. On this occasion, our CEO Samuel Sidler was interviewed for the swiss export journal.

Explosion Protection Day Balsthal 2022

FireEx Explosion Protection Day Balsthal

We are proud sponsor of today's FireEx Explosion Protection Day in Balsthal, Switzerland. In addition to exciting presentations on explosion protection, you can see our "SpeedWey" high speed isolation valve HSI in action during the breaks.

Revision Fastems system

Revision of our FMS system

In order to manufacture cutting-edge technology, you need cutting-edge technology in machining. Our flexible manufacturing system from Fastems has therefore been thoroughly overhauled in the past weeks - with the active support of our production team. All electronic components and motors were replaced and the software got an upgrade. This way we are well equipped for the years to come.

Goodbye Werner Thürig

Saying goodbye to Werner Thürig

At last week's barbecue we took the opportunity to say goodbye to our long-time management board member Werner Thürig. After 20 years with Sistag, he is now going into well-deserved retirement. We wish him all the best!

Sistag Barbecue 2022

Sistag barbecue

We made the most of the great weather last week and held a #barbecue with the entire Sistag team in Eschenbach.

Aqua Pro 2022, Bulle

Aqua Pro 2022

Always a nice trade fair with lots of old friends, new faces and great conversations. We are looking forward to meet many visitors at our booth in hall 50 once again today.

IFAT 2022

As always, had a great time at IFAT in Munich. Thanks to everyone who visited us at our booth. See you again next time!

Partner event 2022

Partner event

Our first post-covid partner event. Wey sales partners from 11 countries visited our production site in Switzerland. The program contained product trainings, a preview of new developments and time to talk and exchange experiences. Glad to finally meet again in person.

Sistag GmbH 25 years

25 years Sistag GmbH in Germany

It has been a quarter of a century since Sistag GmbH was founded as a subsidiary, making Wey valves great in Germany. Today all signs point to growth.

Employee's portrait: Goran Ninkovic

Working at Sistag: Goran Ninkovic

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Goran Ninkovic to you – our service technician. Here‘s his story.

Dresden wastewater conference 2022

Dresden wastewater conference 2022

Two days all about wastewater, sustainability and watermanagement at the Dresden wastewater conference. A big thank you to Stadtentwässerung Dresden for this great event we participated in.

Aqua Pro 2022

The Swiss platform for the global water cycle

Meet us at this year's aqua pro in Bulle. You will find our Sistag booth in hall 50, place 06.

Announcement IFAT 2022

Let’s meet in person!

At the IFAT 2022 in Munich – the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. Find us in hall C2, booth 339.

Employee's portrait: Philipp Christen

Working at Sistag: Philipp Christen

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Philipp Christen to you who has been part of the Sistag family since his apprenticeship. Here‘s his story.

Sistag GmbH is moving

Sistag GmbH is moving

Sistag GmbH in Germany moved into new premises - with the active support of the entire eleven-headed team. We can now be found at Hohenrain 23A, one street behind our previous location in Muggensturm. With additional offices and meeting rooms, our German customers will be served from here.

Lehrstellenbörse Zentralschweiz

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Get to know us at the Lehrstellenbörse Zentralschweiz in an online meeting and learn more about career starts at Sistag.

Employee's portrait: Marijana Srejic

Working at Sistag: Marijana Srejic

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Marijana Srejic-Salatic to you – one of our drafting technicians. Here‘s her story.

Sistag skiing-weenend

Sistag goes skiing

We enjoyed our traditional skiing-weekend in Andermatt with lots of sunshine and perfectly prepared slopes.

24h of valve making

24h of valve making

A normal working day has not enough hours to produce all the valves we need. That’s why we work in three shifts. Every evening our production team programms the automated manufacturing system to run the night shift on its own. For eight hours the system keeps milling standard valve bodys that are controlled and further worked on in the morning. More complex or customized solutions still need the watchful eyes and handicraft skills of our employees and are therefore made during the day.

Equal Pay

Sistag is a certified employer with equal pay for men and women. The equal treatment of our employees, regardless of gender, age or nationality, has always been important for us. We are therefore very proud that our equal pay policy has now been officially certified.

Employee's portrait: Ivan Batinic

Working at Sistag: Ivan Batinic

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Ivan Batinic to you – our welder for water control gates. Here‘s his story.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is a time to reflect, to look forward and back. We would like to say thank you and wish the happiest of holidays to all our partners, customers, and employees. Our Sistag team is now going on their well-deserved holidays and will be back on January 3rd. Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!


Support for the "GasseChuchi" Lucerne

Time to give back. At this year‘s Christmas season we support the «GasseChuchi» by the association for church street work Lucerne. People affected by poverty and addiction receive daily counseling and balanced meals here. A very important project, that is worth being supported.

Christmas cleaning

With the holidays approaching, it's also time for our annual Christmas cleaning. Our entire production facility is cleaned from head to toe - so that we can start the new year in January clean, relaxed, and full of energy.

Interview Industriearmaturen

Article in the magazine Industriearmaturen & Dichtungstechnik

Our German subsidiary, Sistag GmbH in Muggensturm, was interviewed for the current issue of the magazine.

Employee's portrait: Toni Bütler

Working at Sistag: Toni Bütler

The jobs at Sistag are just as interesting and versatile as the people behind them. Today we introduce Toni Bütler to you – one of our longest-serving employees. Here‘s his story.

Sistag & Bray

Sistag & Bray - 20 years of partnership

Happy to welcome our long-standing partner Bray Controls Benelux B.V. in Eschenbach, Switzerland last week. Bray has been representing Wey valves in the Netherlands for 20 years now and we are looking forward to an ongoing great cooperation.

Pumps & Valves 2021 Zurich

Pumps & Valves 2021 in Zurich

Felt great to finally meet partners and customers in person again at the Pumps & Valves Zurich last week.

Emerson & Sistag

Emerson in Eschenbach

After more than 15 years of cooperation between Emerson Automation Solutions and Sistag we were happy to meet once again in Eschenbach yesterday. From now on, Emerson will no longer be served by our subsidiary in Germany, but directly by the sales team at our headquarters in Switzerland. A good opportunity to get to know the whole sales team and take a tour through our production site. We are looking forward to an ongoing great cooperation!

National Future Day 2021

National Future Day

It‘s National Future Day in Switzerland! Students get to accompany their parents to work and learn about their jobs. We welcomed 8 boys and girls at Sistag who produced their very own workpiece.

Lecture Pumps and Valves 2021

Save the Date!

Save the Date! On Wednesday, Novemer 17th, 2021, 1:00 p.m., our senior engineer Samuel Leu will give a presentation about melting valves at the Pumps & Valves in Zurich. This customized solution by Sistag is used for granulating plastic. Special materials and coatings, a heatable body and other customized design options ensure that the hot, viscous plastic melt does not cool down or damage the valve.

Anniversary celebration 2021

Anniversary celebration 2021

Last friday we had a reason to celebrate. 15 employees of the Sistag Team Switzerland and Germany were honored on the occasion of their anniversary at Sistag. The biggest anniversary was celebrated by our purchasing manager Georg Furrer (photo on the right). He has been part of the Sistag family for 35 years. We congratulate all jubilarians and are proud to have you with us.

Pumps & Valves 2021

Visite us at the Pumps & Valves in Zurich

On November 17 & 18 the Pumps & valves will take place for the third time at Messe Zurich. We are taking part and looking forward to meet you at booth H09. Get your free ticket to the trade show here.

S-GE Member of the Month

Member of the month at Switzerland Global Enterprise

We are very happy to have been chosen as member of the month by S-GE. In the accompanying interview our CEO Samuel Sidler provides insight into the export business and the challenges involved.

Article Seetaler Bote

Sistag and Wey: A great team

An interesting article in the Seetaler Bote about Sistag and Wey and how they belong together.

New appearance

New precision - also in our appearance

Our new look is now visible for everyone Last friday the new logo was formally revealed at our production site in Eschenbach, Switzerland.

Company trip 2021

On top of the Queen of the Mountains

Last weekend’s terrific weather called for some quality time at a special location. Together with the whole team from Sistag Switzerland and Germany, we went up on Mount Rigi and spent a great day on the “queen of the mountains”. Thank you to all our employees for making Sistag what it is. And cheers to everything yet to come.

New partners in Portugal and Austria

We are very happy about our three new distribution partners: Aquavalve in Portugal and Vordermaier GmbH and Bickel & Wolf GmbH in Austria. Welcome to team Sistag!

Podcast Succession

Podcast about succession

Our CEO Samuel Sidler was invited to Schmid + Partner and talks about challenges of succession and why early planning is key to success.

Career Choice Day

Career Choice Day in Eschenbach

We recently had very special guests: 14 students from the nearby school in Eschenbach visited our production site to find out more about jobs and apprenticeships at Sistag.

4 weeks paternity leave at Sistag

Finally Switzerland has said yes to two weeks of paternity leave. At Sistag we are committed to family-friendly working conditions and the compatibility of family and work is important to us. We are therefore going one step further and expand paternity leave for our employees from two to four weeks, starting January 2021.

Christmas 2020

Christmas dinner to go

After an especially challenging year, we would like to say thank you to all our employees with this little christmas surprise.




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