The foundation of progress is curiosity, open-mindedness, and courage.


Our values create clarity and foster trust. They give our customers security – in Switzerland, the USA, and around the world – because they embody what our company stands for.


What makes us strong

At home in the world
We design quality products, based on a deep understanding of what moves people – whatever the country or industry in which our customers create added value. In this way, we achieve unique and inspiring results.

Built on skill
For us, precision begins with listening – with attentiveness, discussion, and care. We pay the utmost attention to the smallest details, manufacturing products with skillful engineering and unparalleled expertise.

Cooperation at the core
Integrity is essential to our attitude and way of thinking. We cultivate direct, in-person communication, on equal terms. We believe that honest conversations and transparency foster trust.

Every task is a personal challenge
We don't take anything in a project for granted – except our commitment. We don't think in terms of ready-made solutions – we take every opportunity to encourage understanding and create added value. For everyone involved.

Sustainable and ahead of its time
Whether in mining, in the pulp and paper or food and beverage industry, in wastewater treatment, or in biogas/chemical plants – we are right at home in a wide range of industries. We develop solutions that don't just keep up with the times, but that are ahead of their time.


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