Where is Sistag AG headquartered?

Sistag AG is a fully family-owned Swiss company located in Eschenbach, Lucerne. It has one subsidiary in the US and one in Germany.

Which countries and regions are Wey valves delivered to?

Our valves are delivered worldwide, and we are represented by sales partners in more than 40 countries. If you are based in one of these countries, you can obtain our products from our local partners. If you are based in another country or in Switzerland, you can order them directly from us.

Where are Wey valves manufactured?

Wey valves are manufactured at our headquarters in Switzerland and at our subsidiary Wey Valve Inc. in the US.

How can I get advice?

Our in-house sales team is happy to advise you via phone or email, and will help you find the perfect solution for your application. Our field sales team would also be delighted to visit your site in order to prepare a tailored solution for your system.

Who installs, commissions, services and maintains Wey valves?

Our service teams can handle the installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of Wey® valves within Switzerland. Please contact our sales partners if you are based abroad.

Do you offer individual spare parts for Wey valves?

Yes, we can provide spare parts for each individual component. Please contact service@sistag.ch.

What is the connection between Wey and Sistag?

Our company has been known as Sistag since its founding in 1964. The name combines the names of the founders, Hans Sidler and Hans Stalder. Sistag AG remains in the possession of the Sidler family today. Wey® is a registered international trademark that refers to our products. It is named for the engineer Joseph Wey, who laid the foundation for our patented valve technology.

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