Kevin Purtschert — Work preparation

«I accompany our orders from the first calculation to the final transport. It is always impressive to see what is created in the meantime.»

The planning of every single order is in the hands of the work preparation team from the moment it is confirmed. Kevin and his colleagues set deadlines for individual work steps, calculate prices and create plans and parts lists for production and shipping.

From production to the office

"Before my job at Sistag, I worked in sales for a while," Kevin tells. "But I realized that I prefer to discuss and clarify things with my own colleagues rather than with customers. That's where work preparation is a perfect fit." Kevin is a trained polymechanic. He made the move from production to the office shortly after his apprenticeship. "That was quite a change," he reports. "As a polymechanic, I was physically tired in the evening, but my head was totally fit. In the office, it's the other way around."

The work preparation team as a connecting link

Kevin is in daily contact with almost all Sistag departments, like purchasing, sales, production or warehouse. "We are the link between all these departments and responsible for coordinating cooperation and keeping track of everything.“

Work preparation

Each of the 7 employees has his specialty. Kevin takes care of knife gate valves and water control gates.

For special orders, it is the work preparation's task to calculate the price for each valve individually.

The most preparation is needed for rare customized solutions, such as melting valves.

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