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Matthias Zeder, head of sluice gate production

"An office job would not be for me. I spend half my days working on our products with my team . That's simply where my passion lies - in craftsmanship."

Matthias has been part of the Sistag family for seven years now. Under his leadership, a team of five is producing our water control gates - from A to Z. From cutting the raw material to grinding, punching, drilling, turning and welding the individual parts to assembling the finished gate.

"The best part is always the final inspection, when we take the measurements one more time and you can see how everything fits well and is neatly worked," Matthias tells us. There is hardly any series production in control gate manufacturing. Every order is produced individually and to measure. Nevertheless, there are always projects that are particularly memorable. "Just recently, we designed four completely new types of sluice gates for the pumping station of the Jet d'eau in Geneva," Matthias recalls. "That required several tests and adjustments, but in the end we got everything working really well."

What Matthias values most about his team is their openness to change. "We've had a few new employees with a lot of good ideas join us in recent years. Since then, we've been constantly optimizing and made many improvements that make our work a lot easier." This summer, the team will be supplemented by an apprentice who will complete his apprenticeship in control gate construction.

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