Marijana Srejic-Salatic — Drafting technician

«I like seeing how all the individual parts that I put together on my computer form a finished product in the end. The more details, the more fun the job is.»

Whenever a Wey valve needs special equipment, our team of drafting technicians is in demand. Together with her five colleagues, Marijana designs valves using a CAD program.

Each team member has his or her own area of expertise

Marijana is an expert for knife gate valves, which she equips with various attachments. When combining individual parts such as limit switches, wear rings, or flush ports she plans which components to use and how to best attach them. Based on her drawings, the valves are later manufactured. "Mostly I design customer orders, but sometimes we also get orders from our own production to improve product details," Marijana tells.

Marijana has been working at Sistag for 15 years

Therefore, she knows the characteristics of each Wey valve well. "In my job, you always have to keep up to date" she explains. "That's why it was important for me to get back to work quickly after the birth of my children." A new part-time model was designed especially for Marijana, which is tailored to her preferred working hours. "But even if something comes up at short notice, it has never been a problem to switch my working days or take time off. As a mother, I have always appreciated that."


Drawings of knife gate valves and butterfly valves are always done in 3D as well.

A complex design job can take up to 3 days of work.

Each drawing is double-checked by the team before it goes into production.

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