Goran Ninkovic — Service technician

«Above all, I appreciate the freedom that my job brings. I travel alone throughout Switzerland and always have the support and trust of my team and my boss.»

The installation and control of electrically operated valves is always particularly complex. With Goran, we have therefore brought an expert to our team. He has been part of our service team for almost a year and is specialized in the maintenance of valves with electric actuators.

All or nothing

"In every job I do, I want to be 100% knowledgeable in my field," Goran tells. "That's why I always stay in contact with our motor manufacturer AUMA." So far, Goran is mainly working throughout Switzerland, but in the future there are also work assignments abroad planned. "Our valves are installed in a variety of different plants and in the most remote places. Sometimes I work in the deepest winter in the Swiss Alps at -10°C, then again in a nuclear power plant with highest safety precautions. Other plants can only be reached by helicopter. That's what makes my job so exciting," Goran reports.

Uncomplicated and well equipped

Goran likes working with his team at Sistag. "There's not so much discussion here, we just get the job done. I enjoy that," he says. “Also, we are always very well-equipped. Whether it's spare parts, new tools or work clothes."

Customer support & service

4 employees are continuously on duty throughout Switzerland to service and install our valves.

Wey valves that need to be replaced have often been in use for 20 years or more.

For complex new projects, our team is already on site before the project starts to find the best solution.

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