• Aufbau Timesavers Bandschleifanlage
  • Aufbau Timesavers Bandschleifanlage

Growth for the knife gate valve production

It is the biggest investment we are making in 2024: Our production will be supplemented by a Timesavers belt grinding machine.

The installation was a logistical challenge. Weeks beforehand, our production hall was turned upside down and existing machines were moved from A to B - after all, daily operations had to continue. The floor also had to be reinforced and an interior wall torn down to accommodate the new machine.

It takes around three weeks to set up the machine. After official acceptance and training of our team, the machine will be able to grind valve gates with a nominal width of up to 1600 mm. For us, this not only means an increase in efficiency, but our employees will also be exposed to less physical strain in future.

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