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Toni Bütler, Head of warehouse, shipping, painting

"When I first started at Sistag, I was looking for a short-term job for only a couple months. That was 41 years ago and I never regretted staying."

Toni got his first job at Sistag rather by chance. Today he is one of our longest-serving employees. He has experienced all three generations of the family business. "It is exciting to see how Sistag has developed over the years”.

Toni manages our warehouse, shipping and painting department with a total of 11 employees. "We have a relatively large warehouse in Eschenbach," he reports. "That was a great advantage during the Covid-related delivery bottlenecks of our suppliers." More than 35'000 different articles are stored, including fully assembled knife gate valves and butterfly valves. Most valves are produced and assembled when ordered, but some of our most required valves like VN and MF are produced in advance and stored to assure short delivery times. An in-house carpenter's workshop forms part of the shipping departement. Individual wooden constructions are manufactured here and used to secure the valves in their boxes during shipping.

In 2022, Toni's time at Sistag comes to an end and he goes into well-deserved retirement. "From then on, you will probably find me hiking in the Swiss mountains most of the year."

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