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Philipp Christen, head of assembly

"My team and I are the last stop on the way to the finished end product. Knowing that this product was made from A to Z by our company always makes me proud."

There is hardly a work step in the knife gate and butterfly valve production that Philipp has not already carried out himself. After his apprenticeship as a polymechanic, he was looking for new challenges and worked in production, production planning and finally in assembly, which he has now been managing for 8 years.

"It's great to have this mix of work in the workshop and organisational tasks," he tells. "But most of all, my job is about people - with all the joys and sorrows that come with it. That's what I like best." Philipp's team is multinational. When it comes to communication, sometimes creativity is needed. "But we've got used to it and always manage it well," Philipp reports. Most of his employees have been working at Sistag for many years and know the product range inside out. For special orders, Philipp also lends a hand himself. “The development of special valves is often only completed when in assembly. When we see what works and what doesn't and look for solutions together with the other departments. I really appreciate this cooperation at Sistag."

In recent years, the order situation was continually growing. Philipp's department is therefore currently being expanded with new assembly stations and additional jobs.

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