• Sistag Ausbildner Beat Roelli
  • Sistag Ausbildner Beat Roelli

Beat Rölli, trainer apprentices

"For me, it's a highlight every year to get to know our new apprentices and find out how everyone learns and works best. In this respect, they are all completely different."

From the first day to the successful completion of the apprenticeship, Beat has been looking after our apprentice poly and production mechanics for over 20 years. He did his own apprenticeship as a mechanic at Sistag and therefore knows the situation of our apprentices only too well. "At the beginning of the apprenticeship or when a new machine or technique is introduced, 1:1 supervision is needed, but after that our apprentices can work very independently and help each other along," Beat explains.

The apprentices work as an independent team under his guidance and produce individual parts for prototypes or special orders. "It is important to us that our apprentices learn on real customer orders. Practice parts are only produced as preparation for exams." In addition, his team is responsible for machine maintenance. Special devices for production or machine spare parts are manufactured here.

In the first year of the apprenticeship, the focus is on manual production. Later, it's on to the large CNC machines and their programming. "I'm always proud to see how much our apprentices learn during their time with us," Beat says. "They come from school without any prior knowledge and four years later they're producing the most complex workpieces.“
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