• Mitarbeiter der Stiftung Brändi in der Montage
  • Mitarbeiterin in der Klostergärtnerei der Stiftung Brändi
  • Mitarbeiter der Stiftung Brändi in der Schreinerei

Brändi Foundation - social and professional

This year was another year full of challenges. While we were able to cope well with our own difficulties, others had a much harder time. We have therefore once again decided to forego gifts for our customers at Christmas time and instead make a donation to a charitable organization - this year to the Brändi Foundation.

For over 50 years, the Brändi Foundation has been committed to the professional, social and cultural inclusion of people with mental or psychological disabilities in the Lucerne area. This includes, for example, the maintenance of around 340 residential places with varying degrees of care at several locations. In addition, people with disabilities can complete an apprenticeship or find work in various own production facilities or partner companies. With more than 2,000 employees, the Brändi Foundation is one of the largest employers in Central Switzerland and is able to finance 50% of its numerous services itself. For the remaining 50%, it is dependent on donations. With years of experience, the Brändi Foundation has created a concept that works and is worth supporting.

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