We are a future-oriented and innovative family company in the valve industry. For us to continue to be successful, we need employees with vision who share our values and goals.

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1 | 3  Our values

Going forward together: Curious, ambitious and capable of change

We are constantly finding ways to improve our products, services and processes.

We set ourselves challenging personal and corporate goals and pursue them consistently.

Capable of Change
We are open to new ideas and take a positive view of change, novelty and innovation.

On our own we are good, but as a Sistag family we are unbeatable.
2 | 3 Job profiles

Discover our jobs with profile

More than 180 employees are part of our success. From the first drawing in engineering to safe packaging in shipping - everyone makes an important contribution. We offer room to participate and grow towards personal and corporate goals.

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Current Job Vacancies

We promote trust in cooperation with our staff – with unique and inspiring solutions. Apply now.

3 | 3  Working for Sistag

What we offer

We have been offering secure, long-term positions for over 50 years and are an employer you can rely on.

We’ll help you get off to a good start
With a carefully organized induction plan and a tour of our entire company. This way, you will get to know our products and your new teammates in the first few weeks.

We are continually developing
not only our products, but also our working methods. We do this by means of open communication, meetings, feedback rounds, internal communication platforms, and face-to-face conversations. Thanks to clear communication and close collaboration, we develop processes that shape progress – together.

Welcome to the team
Every employee gets the chance to contribute his or her personal skills to the work and the team. Mistakes are an important step, enabling us to learn and to celebrate success together. This is how we grow sustainably – as individuals and as a company.

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